Ball State University Calls on Nugen Loudness Toolkit for Special Netflix Research Project

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Recording Engineer and Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Christoph Thompson Also Incorporates VisLM into Instructional Course Work for His Students

GLENDALE, CA – When Netflix approached Ball State University with the opportunity to participate in a specialized research project analyzing the streaming service’s complete catalog, Paaige Turner, Dean of the College of Communication, Information and Media jumped at the chance. Working collaboratively between the University’s School of Music, Department of Telecommunications and Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, Ball State conducted a wide array of loudness dialogue tests and measurements. To further ensure the project’s success, the school utilized NUGEN Audio’s Loudness Toolkit – especially the VisLM plug-in.

First initiated by a Netflix employee who is a former student of a Ball State professor, the research will be compiled into a white paper to be presented to audiologists and recording engineers alike. “We had a lot of meetings to narrow down what Netflix was looking for and determine who would be best-suited for the project,” says Dr. Christoph Thompson, recording engineer and assistant professor of music media production at Ball State University. “On the personnel side, we decided to have students from our Music and Telecommunications schools work alongside professional recording engineers, as well as with scientists and audiologists who could oversee the clinical and subjective assessments. From a technical standpoint, we narrowed down what tools we would need and determined that NUGEN was among those that would work best. Since then, due to its reliability, consistency and ease of use across the board, NUGEN has become the gold standard.”

The decision to utilize NUGEN for the research project initially came directly from the source. “One of the head engineers at Netflix put a lot of trust into the NUGEN Audio VisLM software, and he recommended we get that, along with the complete NUGEN Loudness Toolkit,” adds Thompson. “We used VisLM to measure dialogue loudness of the complete Netflix catalog; it became a vital tool for us.”