WebDAM: Empowering the Media and Entertainment Sector with DAM Solutions

Jody Vandergriff, CEO & Co-Founder, webdamJody Vandergriff, CEO & Co-Founder
Organizations in the media sector today face intricate challenges with the growing digital age. To deal with heavy demands, they are investing in aggressive digital strategies to deliver relevant messages to their audiences. As a result, they are generating more rich media than ever before. To achieve growth and rapidly produce rich media, teams must be able to efficiently manage, collaborate, and find their digital content at all times.

Too often, teams become dispersed and siloed, resulting in workflow inefficiencies for producing digital assets. While one team uses email to share content, another team uses an old File Transfer Protocol, among other disparate and temporary solutions for sharing photos, graphics, documents, and other digital content. Even if employees find digital assets, such as an image, they do not know the usage rights, or whether it has been used already.

To successfully tackle these challenges, organizations have to ensure that digital assets are always available at the right place and time, and for the right audience. Although there are platforms to manage and access digital assets, few offer the power and flexibility to meet the unique needs of the media sector. This is where WebDAM, a platform built by two Silicon Valley data scientists, Jody Vandergriff and Steven Rabkin makes a difference. WebDAM was founded with a mission to empower creative and marketing teams to grow and thrive.
“We strive to make it easy for media companies to connect their creative files and teams,” says Vandergriff. “WebDAM provides a wide-range of tools to help companies manage their digital assets in a smart and fast way.” The company helps marketing and creative teams centralize their creative assets, streamline creative workflows, access files and make key decisions from any mobile device, and publish rich media across all digital channels.The cloud-based platform helps teams manage the entire digital asset lifecycle creation, approval, consumption and/ or reuse, as well as reporting and analytics. The platform provides anytime, anywhere access to all the digital media of a firm.

“Marketing and creative professionals need to be efficient, but they often waste time toggling back and forth between applications while getting work done,” adds Vandergriff. “WebDAM integrates any business application through WebDAM’s API, and also supports Single Sign On (SSO) for an improved user authentication experience.”

The company also offers a unique mobile app, where the users can get real-time notifications and download, upload, comment on, approve and distribute assets anytime, since the marketing and creative professionals work from everywhere on their mobile devices. “Collaboration happens everywhere and we don’t consider mobile to be an optional part of our strategy,” Vandergriff said. “We focus on developing full-featured mobile apps to help teams get work done.”

Hundreds of thousands of rich media professionals and teams have already recognized WebDAM as a time-saving and cost-effective DAM solution. For instance, a multinational Fortune 500 company had many digital assets used across various markets around the world. When the company rebranded, they realized they needed a way to efficiently manage and distribute their rich media. They quickly selected and deployed WebDAM because of its flexibility, powerful search functionality, and easy-to-use interface.

For the road ahead, the company is working towards product enhancements including workflow approvals, social publishing, and integration with Shutterstock’s stock-photo library. “Expect continuous focus from WebDAM, as we plan to innovate and release new features and products,” concludes Vandergriff.